Přehled výuky - září 2012 - červen 2013

09.10.2012 18:39

V roce 2012 nás podpořila:



19. 9. 2012
Opakování – flash cards – put pictures to Gross (animals, clothes, colours, food)
New vocabulary – verbs (to walk, to sleep, to wake up, to sit down, to eat, to go in, to go upstairs)
A fairy tale – Goldilocks and three bears
A poem – Stand up!


26. 9. 2012
A new song (beginning of the lesson) – Hello, hello a nice day!
Opakování – food + I like, I don´t like, I don´t mind
A poem – Rain on the green grass
Opakování – verbs – putující karta + pantomime
New vocabulary – verb to be (I´m, you are, he is, she is)

3. 10. 2012
Hello song
Where does it live? – animals and places where they live (a farm, a jungle, a forest)
New verbs – to live, to take, to leave, to cry, to see, to cook, to fall
- Practicing – pantomime
A fairy tail – Hansel and Gretel


10. 10. 2012

Hello song

Repetition of verbs

Hansel and Gretel – puppet show – výroba loutek a hraní divadla

Bingo - animals


16. 10. 2012

Hello song

Opakování – clothes – What are you wearing?

A game – change your places if you are wearing something (colour or clothes)

Describing pictures from the book – World around us

A talk about autumn – colours and activities – colouring pictures


24. 10. 2012

autumn holiday

31. 10. 2012

Hello song

A talk about Halloween – picture presentation, worksheet

A poem:

I know a house,

It´s a nice old house

It´s a nice old house

In a square

And in that house

There´s a funny old ghost

And he´s just behind your chair!

A game – What´s missing? – colours, animals


7. 11. 2012
Hello song
Halloween – a story
I know a house – nursery rhyme
Adjectives – big, small, happy, sad, ...
A tale of Sleeping Beauty


14. 11. 2012
Cancelled – illness


21. 11. 2012

Hello song

A new song – Make a circle round and round with pantomime

Words – big, small, up, down, sit down

A game with flash cards – true or false

A tale – Big, great, enormous Turnip – story, making puppets and acting puppet show

28. 11. 2012

Hello song

A song – Make a circle round and round + touch your nose, ear, knee, head...

A game – Animals on a visit

Pass the secret

A visit game – phrases: Knock, knock, knock! Come in! Hello! What´s your name? I´m ..... How are
you? I´m fine. Good bye!

A song – 10 little Indians


5. 12. 2012

Hello song

Vocabulary clothes – game with flash cards

A song – 10 little Indians

What are you wearing?

Odd one out – a game with flash cards

True or False

A game – water/fire – finding a picture in the room


12. 12. 2012

Hello song

Make a circle – song with pantomime

Vocabulary – animals + a game – Animals on a visit



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